Residency Options


The Republic of Turkey offers 3 different options for getting Turkish citizenship by investment program.


According to Regulation Regarding Application of Turkish Citizenship Code, here it is 3 investment options to obtain Turkish citizenship.


  • Option A is making a property investment which should have $250k value in Turkey. This real estate investment need to be hold by you at least 3 years. 


  • Option B is demanding to deposit $500k USD in cash (or the equal value in Turkish Lira) for at least 3 years in a Turkish Banks. 


  • Option C is 'fixed capital investments' which should be at least $500K.


These information are arranged by the Turkish Citizenship Act which can be found at Official Gazette. This regulation published in 2019.


Our expertise is offering tailor-made investment and real estate in Turkey according to your expectations.


We will be with you during the citizenship application process else well. We can also apply for citizenship even you would not need to come to Turkey.


FOTOALTI: You need to check dream home options of Turkey's rich geography such as a chalet, a Mediterrian house or a residence in the center of thousands years city.




When you have your Turkish passport, you will have the right to live with your family members (your spouse, your children under 18 and your children who dependent to you) in anywhere of Turkey, to make business in Turkey and to have visa free travel over 89 countries and every right of a Turkish citizen.


On the other hand, if you have rush to start to live in Turkey, short terme residency permit is the fastest way until you get your Turkish citizenship.


After you invested for a real estate, you will have the right application for the short term residency permit which is valid for a maximum of two years and if it is not used within six months, this residence permit becomes invalid.


How does the process of investment program happen?

As The Stay Solution team, we are proud to analyze the markets like real estate, financial and much more according to your needs. After analyzing the situation, we offer you the best options.

Our scouts will consider various options and they will work that this investment also will please you else well. Our offers will come with an expectation from among real estates potential of rich geographic speciation of Turkey and the other growing business opportunities.


Frequently Asked Questions about Turkey Citizenship by investment


Can I buy multiple properties which can be totally $250k worth?


  • You can buy either just one property, or several properties which have a total value of more than $250,000 but remember that you need to apply for your citizenship at the same time for all. The Tapu office accepts citizenship applications only if the combined declared values are above $250,000.

How long does this legal process take Turkish Citizenship?

  • It takes around 3-6 months to get your Turkish Passports for the Principal Applicant (Investor) and with the recent additional relaxation in law, the total period to obtain full Turkish Citizenships for other family members have been reduced to as low as 60 days only in 2019.

What about the exchange rate of TL and dolar?

  • Official authorities check the value according to Turkey Central Bank's selling rate on the date of your transfer.

What about my children above 18 years old and my parents.

  • You need to make new investments, which are suited to informations mentioned above, for your each children. One real estate investment, which is above $250k, will be enough for your mom and dad.

May I have dual passaport?

  • Turkey allows dual citizenship.

What about millitary service?

  • If you've done your millitary service in another country and if you can prove it, you do not need to do in Turkey elsewell.

Do I Need any document to buy property in Turkey?

  • You will get your passport. The rest is un us; like getting local tax number for you, opening a Turkish bank account and taking two passport photos of you measuring 3cm by 4cm are needed.

May I buy a commercial property and get Turkish Citizenship?

  • Yes, any property is counted. You can even rent your properties to anyone else. The only restriction is you need to hold these properties for 3 years.